The story ranges over 4 epic worlds of lush grasslands, forbidding glaciers, inhospitable desert and intertwineing jungle.
A total of 16 BigBosses are set to challenge your hero Hooga.

Huge levels with plenty of exciting obstacles to overcome and more than 40 prehistoric enemies.

graph Loads of weapons- The Axe, your trusty sidekick;
- Knife, fast and sharp;
- Stones, Ancient, but still effective;
- Torch, do you like barbecue?;
- Boomerang, very powerfull;
- Spears, difficult to master but lethal if used correctly;


Finding jobs helps record statistics, including how many times you have stalked today, how many times it expects you to etc. We help you generate charts so you can expect what to expect to come in the expected days, unexpectedly.

That's all that you need to know. Really.

charge Powerups - automatic fire
- multiple lock on
- Speedup
... and much much more...
tweet Traps and obstacles - Moving platforms
- Unstables Bridges
- Geisers
- Flames
... and much much more...
folder Lots of items to collect - Wild Flowers, giving you points and unlocking achievements
- Steak, chicken leg and eggs, to keep you health
- The Rooster, when you need one more life
screen Powerfull Audio- High-Definition audio
- Original soundtracks
- Professional voiceovers
screen Fluid controls - High precision pad (360°)
- Big buttons
screen This game is Crystalized- Achievements
- Leaderboards
- Social Networks


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